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    8 Beautiful Color Combinations for your Kitchen Interior Design

    The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a house. This is where most homeowners prepare, store and cook food for themselves, guests or family. It has a functional purpose, but just because this is so it doesn’t mean you don’t need to spruce it up. The color combinations you use to bring...

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    10 of the Rarest Horse Breeds in the World

    Akhal-Teke - rare horse breed

    Which rare horse breed is your favorite? Is it the exquisitely stunning Akhal-Teke or the ingenious color design of Knabstrupper? Or do you even know one? There are so little variety of rare horse breeds that it would take an enormous amount of fortune to get a hand at them. We will help you sele...

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    10 Shocking & Rarest Diseases in the World What no one tells you

    While we’ve all heard of diseases, seen someone with a disease, and had a disease personally, it’s unlikely that we’ve encountered a rare disease. In the non-medical world, people use and interchange disease to mean infection, sickness, illness, or something similar. In the medical world...

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    Meet The World’s Deadliest Animal Species

    worlds top deadliest animals

    When we say most deadly animals and species, they are those creatures that can kill in just a matter of few seconds or minutes. They are the ones that live to hunt and kill. You can rarely see these kinds of animals or species at common places where lots of people gather together and live a peac...

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    World’s ‘Well-Known’ Martial Arts

    martial arts

    Nowadays, mixed martial arts fighting are becoming more and more popular. Also because of being exposed on it, we are becoming familiar with different fighting styles. Different fighters around the globe have been demonstrating various combat fighting techniques, showing hand-to-hand combats, attack...

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    Most Controversial Comedians of All Time

    Shock value has become an elemental part of entertainment, even among top comedians. Over the past few decades especially, stand-up has evolved into an overtly crass, profane, even offensive field, and some of the best comedians of all time are also the most controversial. Some entertainers employ t...

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    Most Memorable Weddings of the Century

    Aside from the fact that June is the month where we have the longest day and the shortest night, it is also known as the wedding month. Based on my own opinion, most couples tend to get married during this rainy season as the rain is believed to shower bountiful blessings for the newly wed. For this...

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    Know the Best Stories from Underworld: Is Hell Real?

    What tail the word ‘hell’ are connotations limited with the evil forces, darkness and all things negative. I am not saying that these aren’t true. It’s just that there are stories in hell that are not focused on the darkness that it exudes. Allow me to enumerate several stories that you migh...

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    10 Reasons Why Car Accidents Occur

    Automobile accidents bring scores of thousand fatalities and millions worth of damage properties each year in the United States alone. And sad to say, majority of these accidents can be avoided through knowing and avoiding accident-causing circumstances. To be discussed below are the top 10 lists of...

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    10 Best Football Strikers of all Time – World of Sports

    top 10 best football strikers of all time

    Football is also known as soccer, and to obtain a goal, a player should dribble, pass and score by using his foot or head, using the hand is prohibited in this kind of sport. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to use his hand and that is for blocking purposes. Players in the field are only allowed t...

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    10 of the Preferred Ultimate Urban Cars 2011

    In 2009, one in every 6.4 Americans — from New York to Honolulu — lived in the top 50 major incorporated cities, according to U.S. census data. And if you're among them, chances are you know all too well what it's like to shoehorn yourself into a tight parallel-parking spot, squeeze between dumpster...

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    Watch “Eagles Swap Places after Egg Hatches” Video Goes Viral

    Eagles swap places after egg hatches at Codorus State Park, Hanover, PA

    How would you rate this video of parent eagles captured on cam while they tend their eggs? Believe me; it broke the “Cute-meter”… According to the uploaded video, the fascinating behavior of the parent eagle captured at approximately 9:45 a.m. Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at Codorus State Park, Ha...

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    10 of the Things Boys Don’t like to hear from Girlfriend

    top 10 guys dont like to hear from GF

    The “male ego” is usually the most sensitive aspect of a guy’s nature. The fact, that most men live in their “heads” accounts for the king size egos that they carry. Men are “mind” centric and usually have core issues with their “self image”. It would be impossible to find a man who does not feel to...

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    Heartwarming Video: Restaurant Worker Feeding a Customer Goes Viral

    Qdoba employee helps customer

    What would you do if you were working in a restaurant and a disabled person arrives, takes his/her order, and then ask you to help them eat? Many workers just might say “no” because they had other better things to do – and it is not very likely that a lot of disabled people would go out on their...

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    10 of the World’s Most Powerful & Best Military Units – Arm Forces

    top 10 best military

    Military organization is the structuring of the armed forces of a state so as to offer military capability required by the national defence policy. In some countries paramilitary forces are included in a nation's armed forces. Armed forces that are not a part of military or paramilitary organiza...

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    Woman’s Photo of Her Breasts before Mastectomy Goes Viral

    Lisa Royle cancer patient

    In a bid to help raise awareness about breast cancer and any type of cancer for that matter, a selfless woman had her husband take a photo of her breast before she goes in for a mastectomy. Not only did she want to have a lasting memory of her breasts (which will be removed during surgery), she...

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